Sunday, July 23, 2017

30 Good ( not bad ) Weight Loss Spells By Famous People

A few inspirational words can just give you the amount of inspiration you need to get across that proverbial threshold. Here's a collection of educational and humorous sayings, sayings and wisdom that can inspire you to start exercising, healthier eating and living and permanently dropping off ...

30 spells

A habit is stubborn. You can not just kiss him out of the window, but you will have to take him to step down the stairs.
-mark twain-
Another can only hurt you if you give value to his opinion.
-Bron unknown-
Eat less, try more.
-Chinese proverb-
I've been on diet for two weeks now and the only thing I've lost is 14 days ...
-Totie Fields-
Care for your body; It's the only place in the world where you have to live.
-Jim Rohn-
Motivation is what drives you up; What's happening is what keeps you going.
-Bron unknown-
Questionnaire is an emotional escape; A sign that you are consuming somewhere ...
-Peter de Vries-
You have got a body that can handle almost everything; It's your mind that needs to be convinced.
-Vince Lombardi-
Your goals minus your doubts are your reality
-Ralph Marston-
I'm not too heavy; I'm just twenty five inches too short.
-Shelley Winters-
Another good exercise is putting your palms against the edge of the table and pushing it.
-Robert Quillen-
It is now time for action. It's never too late to get started!
-Carl Sandburg-
Failure is the mother of triumph.
-Chinese wisdom-
The world of performance has always belonged to the optimist.
-Harold Wilkins-
Nothing tastes sweeter than successful slimming.
-Bron unknown-
You will never be happier than you are expected to be. Being happy is therefore a matter of adjusting your expectations.
-Bette Davis-
You must stay in shape. My grandmother started walking her 60 th five kilometers a day. Currently she is 97 and we have no clue about where she stayed.
-Every Degeneres-
The satisfaction of food begins and ends in the mouth. The satisfaction of health ends nowhere.
-Bron unknown-
It's not a disaster if you do not achieve your goals. It's only bad if you do not have goals to reach.
-Benjamin Mays-
If you do not do what is best for your body, then you get the shortest end.
-Julius Erving-
Do you want to look young and thin? Then you start with fat old people.
-Jim Eason-
Eat healthier, no less.
-Bron unknown-
It does not matter if you fall; It's about whether you get up.
-Vince Lombardi-
You must see yourself as the one you want to be.
-David Viscott-
You see existing things and say 'why?'. I dream things that never existed and say "why not?".
-George Bernard Shaw-
The foundation of all happiness is health.
-Leigh Hunt-
The road to success is dotted with countless tempting parking places.
-Bron unknown-
The only permanent is change.
Eat lean, think lean, be skinny. 
-Bron unknown-

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  1. I've been on diet for two weeks now and the only thing I've lost is 14 days ...
    -Totie Fields-

    I really love the above quote, Very informative post, Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to learn more such tips from you.

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